Learning major: Construction Machines and Forklift Maintenance and Repair

Major code: 5520169

Training level: Vocational highschool

Training curriculum: formal education

Learner: at least graduated from secondary school

Training time: 2 years

1. Objectives

After graduation, learners become intermediate technicians in term of Construction Machines and Forklift Maintenance and Repair. They can operate, maintain, repair and install lifting equipment system at factories, enterprises, companies on lifting service.

* Knowledge

- Possess practical knowledge and theory about lifting eqipment, basic electronics, machining, design and principles of lifting machines, read technical drawings.

- Present design and principles of lifting machines, symbols and regulations used in specialised field.

- Analyse, evaluate incorrect phenomenon.

- Undestand common drawings of lifting eqipments.

* Skills

- Understand electrical drawings in order to install electrical system for lifting equipmnets.

- Apply basic understanding to maintain and fix control system of lifting equipments.

- Apprehend technical drawings of lifting equipments.

- Maintain and repair common lifting equipments.

* Attitude

- Have a good political thinking, professional ethics, sense of working discipline and industrial manner.

- Possess strong passion,  responsibility and awareness of saving in working.

- Obey the law, and regulations of working sites, have disciplinary, cooperative consciousness and progressive spirit.

- Conform requirements about occupational and safety health.

* Job opportunities:

- Operate, maintain, repair lifting equipments

- Work in factories, industrial enterprises, business companies relating to lifting equipments

2. Training content and time

Number of subjects: 20

Total amount of knowledge: 57 credits

Amount of general subjects: 255 hours

Amount of specialised subjects: 1.125 hours

Amount of theoritical subjects: 311 hours, amount of practical subjects: 785 hours

3. Content

4. Attention to use the curriculum

4.1. There are 6 general subjects including Political Education, Law, Physical Education, National Defense Education, Computer Science, English

4.2. About after-school activities: Learners are instructed to own soft skills, take part in sport , art, social,…activities during 60 hours.

4.3.Module-ending testing: At the end of each term, internal tests are given for assessment.

4.4. Graduation procedure

+Learners have to complete training curriculum of learning branch and satisfy other requirements to join Final Examination.

+ Learners have to cover three parts inluding Political Education, Professional Theory, Professional Practice

+ Computer science: Certificate of Basic Applied Informatics Technology

+ Foreign language: Certificate of A1 level

+ Occupational Safety and Health: Certificate

+Learners get Graduation Recognition when they meet all requirements:

a. Result of each exam part obtains 5,0 at least.

b. Fulfill other requests

c. In the case of law and regulation violation, Pincipal must consider purnishment before giving terms of graduation regconition.

d. Not during the time of taking learning purnishment, criminal liability.

4.5. Other attentions

- Learners ought to have Certificate of Occupational Safety and Health

- Learners  ought to have English Certificate of A1 level, Certificate of Basic Applied Informatics Technology.

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